Your Legacy, Built Here

Let’s face it. No matter how well we are getting paid we cannot avoid the tendency of failing to plan for our financial futures.

Travel, gifts, nice-to-haves, or even basic utility bills are all eating up our hard-earned money. Some of us are even living paycheck to paycheck.

Even though I was an actuary who dealt with advanced mathematics and finances, I was only good at managing my employer’s financial statements, but not my own saving and checking accounts. That was when I realized I was not money savvy at all. Luckily the world of personal finance opened up to me when I became a client myself. Throughout the years, I have learned various ways the wealthy elites handle and care for their money. And now my team and I are bringing these same techniques to you.

We live by our company name Aulegatum. "Au" is Latin and short form of "aurum" meaning gold or very precious, while "Legatum" means a gift or leaving a legacy. It is our goal to give you a gift that will bring you peace of mind when it comes to your financial future. We empower your family with knowledge you need to establish a household built on financial stability.

Our priority is to help you learn and implement these important concepts:

- Budgeting
- Debt Reduction
- Emergency Funds
- Life Insurance
- Retirement
- Estate Planning

You deserve to have a fantastic retirement and a family legacy, don't you? My team and I will tailor a plan for you and your family so it will fit you perfectly.

Sound Good? Let's Get Started!

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“Before meeting Rick, I assumed the best thing I could do for my retirement was maxing out my 401K contributions. I had no idea how much better I could be saving. Rick showed me how to leverage tax-advantaged asset planning, saving me thousands once I reach retirement.”
-Brian P.*image0-removebg-preview*png?alt=media&token=9fd9a2fe-f630-4fea-a163-be11fe8e01dd
“Rick Kam is amazing! Rick helped me understand the importance of planning for a retirement that is as tax-free as possible. His outstanding and prompt communication made him a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail coupled with subject matter expertise made him a trustworthy advisor. I am happy to say that I have a more secure retirement plan thanks to Rick!”
-Maria A.

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